Each table will be numbered – please use the table number on your tickets.  You will have ten tickets for each table.  We want to sell as many tickets as possible, so please ask your beauty shop, places you shop, etc., to put up a poster for us.   Reach out to your friends and ask if they will attend.

  1. Napkins will be provided along with plates, cups, and silverware. If you would like to bring your own teacups and/or napkins, that will be fine. 
  2. Hostesses are asked to decorate your own tables. If you are unable to do so, please let the coordinators know.
  3. Favors for your guests are optional.
  4. Bring two cookie platters or tiered plate holders and trays or plates for cookies for your table.
  5. Bring 2 teapots, the larger the better. (Please let us know in advance if you do not have teapots.)
  6. A large assortment of fine teas will be available for your table.  If you have a favorite tea, please feel free to bring it.
  7. Please bring a Jello salad to share (preferably 9 x 12 or, if in a bowl, at least 20 servings) – any flavor
  8. White tablecloth will be provided. Your own tablecloth is optional.

Meet at Rostraver Ice Garden at 2 p.m. to set up your table on May 7th

We will be selling tickets for the basket/ticket auction and have baskets and other items promised. 

Please call if you have any questions.