Pastor:  Rev. Mary Kay Glunt, Teaching Elder/Minister of Word and Sacrament

Administrative Assistant:  Natalie Brewer

Organist: Joe Balogh

Custodian:  Patricia Gillon

Treasurer:  John Conger

Assistant Treasurer:  Brenda Kennedy

Financial Secretary:  Bobbi Jo Huebner


In the PCUSA, deacons and ruling elders are ordained to their ministry.  This is a lifetime position.  Each year a number of elders and deacons are elected to a new class for a three-year term, with the possibility of serving a second three-year term before rotating off for at least a one-year period.  Active ruling elders serve on the session, or the board of the church.  They are responsible for the business, planning, and provision of worship experiences for the congregation.  The deacons serve the congregation providing mercy and care and compassion to members of the congregation.  For more information, or to join one of our committees, contact the church office, 724-929-7616.

SESSION (Ruling Elders)

Name, Class, Committee

Sharon Zunic (23) Clerk of Session and Music and Worship

Jane Bonari (23) Food & Fellowship

Mary Beth Burkley (23) Christian Education

Bill Kunca (23)

Carol Tragesser (24) Memorials and Bequests

Lori Lamberski (24) Nominating and Finance 

Betty (B.J.)  Thomas (24) Membership 

David Lee Burdis (24)

Pastor Mary Kay Glunt, Moderator


Name, Class

Susan Aten (25) Chair

Marguerite Patterson (23)

Dennis Peters (23)

Patty Gillon (23)

Eileen Kunca (23)

Jessica Phillabaum (24)

Dave Neel (24)

Fred Exley (25)

June Exley (25)

Barb Moskala (25)